About Be Hitched
// nice to meet you!

Be Hitched is a full service event production company led by Owner & Creative Director Rebecca Pfiffner. Since 2012, we’ve been honored to support more than a hundred couples through the process of articulating and developing their wedding vision through custom planning, design, and event production. Be Hitched is known throughout the industry (and known by our clients!) for our signature down-to-earth style of planning, professionalism, and our heartfelt and meticulous approach to executing authentic, high quality events. 

photo by Leah Fisher

photo by Leah Fisher

photo by Nirav Patel

photo by Nirav Patel

Be Hitched Values
// 7 things that define who we are

  1. We're personal, real, authentic (and not afraid to be vulnerable now and then!)

  2. We produce dynamic, aesthetically beautiful, design-savvy, highly customized, luxury weddings (NOTE: if there’s a word that means luxury but without feeling stuffy, snobby, or impersonal, that’s us!)

  3. We are actively inspired by our clients, vendors, our work, and our personal pursuits

  4. We're rooted in strong values 

  5. We work with some of the best humans on the planet — we are constantly collaborating with talented craftspeople, artisans, designers, and creators

  6. We've got our finger on the pulse of what’s trending, but aren’t distracted by what’s trendy — we’re rooted in timeless elegance, intimate experiences, meaningful moments, and natural beauty

  7. WE HAVE FUN!!  And we’re always doing whatever we can to make sure our clients have fun working with us too